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Facilitator Trainings

Welcome to the world of facilitation.  Do you have experience?  No.  That’s OK.  This is a great place to begin.

got experience?
Facilitator Training 101

This training focuses on the basics of low ropes facilitation.

  • Risk Management
  • Sequencing
  • Beginner’s Bag of Tricks
  • Processing

Risk Management – What we do as facilitators is dangerous.  How do we manage the risk?  We learn techniques to create an environment where our participants look out for each other’s physical and emotional safety.  Learn techniques for spotting, creating a group contract, and ways to explain “choice” and personal responsibility to a group.

Sequencing- Icebreakers, de-inhibitizers, problem solving, and trust initiatives are all essential to any group development program.  There is a specific process called sequencing.  Learn examples of activities for each step of the process, application of the process, and how to trust the process.

Bag of Tricks – Learn the basic initiatives to run a full day of programming.  We explore different tools to utilize to create an experience for a group that they can then apply to their life.

Processing – The application of learning is what helps a group meet their goals for the day.  Processing is a reflective exercise helps the group apply their experiences back to their lives.

We can focus on initiatives built at your location or utilizing portable initiatives for any location.  If your staff has no experiences with experiential initiatives, this is the place to begin.

Custom Training

In addition we can customize training to your specific needs.  Contact to discuss your custom training needs.

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