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Xperiential Symposium

 “I found the experience to be nothing short of inspiring & refreshing. I left the symposium with many great new ideas and activities that have been a hit with my clients.” -Amanda XPS2013


What is The Xperiential Symposium?

/ekˌspi(ə)rēˈenCHəl/  /simˈpōzēəm/

1.  A conference or meeting to discuss learning based on experience.
2.  a:  A social gathering at which there is free interchange of ideas based on learning through experience.
     bA convivial party (as after a banquet in ancient Greece) with music, conversation, and experience.

We gather.  Contributors are presenters and participants.  We exchange ideas, theories, and activities through discussion and experiential interaction.  We have a blast!  With a focus on the exchange of ideas by multiple contributors we have the Xperiential Symposium.

Imagine a two-day gathering of over one hundred experiential professionals that are as passionate about what they do as you are.  The Xperiential Symposium is where you are part of a community, learn exactly what you want to learn, and have the opportunity to present to your peers.  This is an open space gathering.

Sessions can be discussions or workshops.  Discussions are in depth dialogues on a specific topic moderated by you or another individual interested in learning more about that topic.  Workshops are more interactive.  New activities, techniques, or concepts are presented in an interactive (or experiential) manner in these sessions.


Who attends The Xperiential Symposium?

There are many fields that will benefit from The Xperiential Symposium

  • Educators: principals, teachers, social workers
  • Mental Health Professionals:  therapists, counselors, program developers, administrators
  • Corporate Leaders: human resources specialists, trainers, program developers
  • Challenge Course Professionals: program directors, course managers, facilitators, coordinators, and adventure therapists and educators
  • Students from the education, recreation, social work, mental health, and any field!


How does The Xperiential Symposium work?

“The Open Space concept for this Symposium is exciting and innovative. It’s risky to head into an event not knowing what will take place. But, in the end, you get what you need and more. I’ve been to events like this before (over 20 of them) and I always have walked away energized and filled to the brim!! ” -Dr. Chris Cavert XPS2103

The Symposium will utilize the experiential format of Open Space Technology(OST).  OST allows for the symposium agenda to include exactly what you are looking to learn about experiential methodologies.  The only requirement is that you are passionate enough to want to learn and willing to take responsibility for that learning.

When is The Xperiential Symposium?

TBD for the upcoming year.




What is the cost of The Xperiential Symposium?

Once a new date and location is announced we will announce the price for this year’s Symposium


For any questions contact Ed Caplan at

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